Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Let's kick off Super Mario World week here at Super Sketch Squad. The wee fat plumber maybe having a huge influence on our sketch blog title- I also seem to have done a bit of a Ben here with this entry.

I can have alot of gaming memorys with Super Mario World, it was probably the game I played the most back when we had a Super Nintendo- my lasting memory of the game has always been the massive Bullet Bills that were in the first level and onwards. I remember my tiny little mind being blown at how huge they were- possibly also alittle scared.


  1. Haha, looks great dude! I remember having my mind blown when I first saw those guys, too :D

  2. Nice work! Love the shading. 8D I wanna hug that Yoshi.

  3. :D love it. The reflection of them in the bullet is awesome

  4. Hi,

    Can you send me it in high resolution?

    I intend to print it in my living room wall. If you want I can contribute with some money.

    My e-mail: rbrasillopes@gmail.com

    Please, contact me!