Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mike iPhone sketch

Unfortunately the colours didn't come out as well as they did on the iPhone screen. I tried correcting them in Photoshop, but it only did so much good.

What's this? Tuesday? Things must be going a bit wrong around here, what with Adam posting on Monday, and the guest artist posting today.. and now me! Well, with any luck I'll have another sketch up tomorrow night as well. There's just too many films/characters to choose from, I've gotta do more than one!

Tonight I decided to start with something simple, Mike Wazowski. Then I made it difficult for myself again by forcing myself to paint it on my iPhone using the Colors app.. It was actually quite relaxing, and helped me keep things loose. I'll definitely be doing more of these!


  1. Hah! Jeez. You're awesome no matter what program you use, huh? Quite dimensional, as always.

  2. I used to draw on my nintendo DS :D Now I feel quite humble when seeing what you can pull off on a phone :D Looks great